Value and Timing: A Tradition Unlike Any Other

As the madness of March starts to fizzle, aided by a less than thrilling championship game that at times sounded like a band leader tweeting out the new marching rhythm, we set our sights on one of the greatest stretches of sports that blooms this time every year. NBA teams are making their final push for remaining playoff spots (Mavericks are eliminated from playoff contention), playoff hockey is just around the corner (Stars are eliminated from playoff contention), and opening day of baseball always brings out the best in everyone (Rangers blew a 5-1 lead). With my local Dallas sports teams all but telling me to watch that rerun of This Is Us instead of tuning into the game, how is a guy supposed to get his sports fix? Oh that’s right. The greatest golf tournament of the year tees off tomorrow. “The Masters: A Tradition Unlike Any Other.” How can a sporting event on TV be so gripping, yet, at the same time, double as one of the most efficient sleep sound machines on the market? Answer: The Masters offers a tradition of value at the perfect time.

Painting by Luis Bazan

It doesn’t matter if you’re Wayne Gretzky’s daughter or think a double bogey is a pair of frat boys smiling in your direction at an uptown bar, you will have a hard time not tuning in to, or at least hearing about, the final holes of play Sunday at The Masters. So what is it about this tournament that can capture the nation’s attention for an entire weekend? I have two reasons. First, consistent value. The Masters’ invitation-only field is the smallest of any major tournament and comprised of only the top golfers in the world, both past winners and inspiring green jacket wearers. Unlike the other three majors that rotate golf courses annually, The Masters has been played at the Augusta National Golf Club for over eight decades, and by outlawing golf carts and closing the course every summer, the Augusta National golf course is simply a work of art, the sole reason HD TVs were invented. I mean, have you seen those azaleas?! I don’t even know what azaleas are, but they’re my favorite. (Rumor has it, though, that the renowned flower saw Tiger Wood’s shadow on Monday and won’t be in top form for another six weeks)

Second is Timing. The Masters, simply put, could not be played at a better time in the sports calendar year. This kickoff to Spring tournament comes as a classy, refreshing change of pace to sports fans everywhere. Football has been gone since February, we’ve watched more college basketball the past three weeks than we care to admit, and now that the Opening Day excitement has disappeared quicker than that $9 Bud Light, a majority of us won’t check back in on our beloved boys of summer until mid October. Is there any better time to broadcast a slow-paced, rule following, no team allegiance event like The Masters? I think not.

Check out this CBS commercial we worked on for The Masters a few years back!

The same characteristics are crucially important to the success of a business, and it’s always been that way. As a small business, in our case a video production studio, how is your product or service bringing your customers consistent value? I think for a majority of us, unless you are introducing something revolutionary to the market, it is difficult to stand out in the long run with just your product or service alone. If the product is a hit, you better believe someone is going to mimic your idea and sell it for cheaper. How you can retain customers and consistently bring them value is by truly understanding their pain points, introducing them to new ideas that can save both time and money, and offering incredible customer service. Those are areas where you can stand out. What about timing? Doing your research and making sure the timing is right for the release of a new product line could be the determining factor in its success or failure. Timing often matters. Even if you are the one who has the original idea, it’s not always the best to be first. Just ask WebTV. Another area where timing is critical is new business acquisition. Cold call an executive who just paid an invoice for new videos produced for the company website and see how open he/she is to speak to you about video production. But contact a decision maker who is struggling to find new ways to market their company and extend their reach, and see how easy it is to explain the impact video marketing can have without being interrupted. Timing is everything. Throw in some hard work and unmatched value, and you’ve got yourself a “tradition unlike any other.”

Why do you think The Masters is so popular?

How is your small business setting itself apart from the competition?

As a consumer, how do you decide on which company to go with? What keeps you going back?


Thanks for reading, and as always, let us know how we can help tell your story through video!


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