Live Streaming Your Business Through These Uncharted Waters

There is a lot of business anxiety and questions with the current COVID-19 virus going around, and rightfully so. First of all you are not alone! Second of all we want to share a few things that we can help with to hopefully ease some of that stress and anxiety!


  1. PCS was started and built on biblical principles 25 years ago. It was started to honor Jesus and spread the gospel. That, to this day, is still our number one priority!
  2. We are a team of creative, passionate, experienced video professionals. Video and live event production are what we specialize in, but our people are the true driver of this company.
  3. We absolutely love what we do here at PCS!


In today’s business climate, how can PCS bring value to your business?

One of our core revenue streams is video production. In our current economic state, everyone is at home right now, so how can you get in front of them with engaging content that makes them feel like they’re still part of something while being stuck at home?

Another service we offer is commercial photography. There’s a lot of business slow down right now so you can either sit around or you can take advantage of this time. Are there projects or ideas you have been putting off because you’ve been too busy? Take advantage of this time and knock some of those off your to-do list!

Finally, live streaming. I’m about to dive into this a little bit more, because I think this is a service we offer that could be extremely valuable to you and your business right now. As I mentioned before, a lot of people are sitting at home right now and there are a lot of questions up in the air, so what can you do to continue to get your message across? Live streaming can be an extremely effective tool for your business!


Right now, one of the biggest problems businesses are facing is event cancellation. Everyone you know has had an event, a concert, or a sporting event cancelled or postponed in the past month. This is something that is nationwide, worldwide for that matter! It’s something that everyone is going through, so what is the solution to that event cancellation if it’s affected your business or personal experiences? Live stream that event. Host a virtual meeting. In today’s day and age, this can be extremely easy and affordable. If it’s an event where you have multiple keynote speakers, you might have to change the way you present or change the materials, but there can still be effective messages that reach your audience.

Another issue leaders are dealing with is how to keep the workforce and your employees engaged and up-to-date? Live streaming is a very effective way to do that by hosting employee meetings. panel discussions, or anything that you think to bring value to your employees. Be sure you’re doing everything you can to make your employee feel like part of the team.

In this time of isolation, another barrier that we’re seeing in today’s economic climate is your company is not set up for this or you have never live streamed before. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered. There are a lot of different streaming software that you can use and there is definitely a place for a webcast or a zoom meeting. There are a lot of options out there, but specifically how we can help and set ourselves apart as a livestream business? Let us handle the larger techie side of your livestream so you can focus on your message! Another advantage to working with PCS is our studio space. We have an 8,000 square foot studio here that can be completely customizable to your event and offers a place for multiple live stream sets. And finally, we can bring that professional quality to you livestream. As I mentioned before, there’s absolutely a place for your Zoom meeting or your Google Hangouts, but if you’re looking to present your brand or product demo for a training in a high quality atmosphere, that’s where we can add value.

What if my event is private?

If your content is not something that you can share with the public on Facebook live or YouTube live, we can set you up on a private link to make sure all of that is safely distributed so you can continue with your internal communications, employee training, product demo/product releases, etc. You don’t need to completely halt your business. Continue to create and manufacture products and get your message out in front of people. If your business is slow right now, take advantage of that time. There is no gain in sitting around and sulking and reading scary headlines and wondering what the future of your business is going to look like. It’s in your hands!

We’re all going through the same thing right now and business is hurting. The economy is whack but you control yourself and you control the creativity and the output content is your business. Only worry about things you can control! So don’t just sit there! We’re here to help! We’re here to serve! Let us know if you want to learn more about our live streaming services or any of our other video production services! Thanks for tuning in.

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