Fundraising Videos

Fundraising can be a challenge. A well planned and informative video is an extremely effective addition to your fundraising effort. Let’s find a visually compelling and passionate way to capture the heart and mission of your organization, so your audience will have zero doubt about the impact a single dollar can make!


What makes your organization worth the investment? This is where we find out why you do what you do!


In order to create an effective video, we must capture the authenticity and passion of your organization!

Post Production

In the edit suite, we will seamlessly add in the elements that make your organization unique and recognizable!


If it’s for your website or a 500 person fundraising event, we will provide you with the formatted video needed for the occasion!

Let’s Get Rolling!

PCS Productions is your go-to DFW video production team. We leverage our 25 years of experience in the industry to turn our customers ideas into high impact, visually engaging reality. You know your organization better than anyone, and we are here as a partner to capture the true heart and mission to help raise awareness for your cause!

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