Our goal has always been to create high quality, visually engaging content by combining our passion and love for video production with the ambitions of our clients. At PCS, we have the capability to pick up your video project at any stage or walk with you every step of the way from idea creation to delivery. Every production phase can be completed in-house at our studio in Irving, which makes the communication with our customers easy and efficient. From startup videos to large television broadcasts, you will always receive the highest quality service from our production team, and that’s why we continue to be the go-to production house in the Dallas / Fort Worth metro.

Today, consumers in the buying process don’t just prefer video when seeking information, they expect it. Let’s get rolling!

Scripting / Concept Development

This is where it all begins! Let us help you develop a storyline that will captivate and motivate your target audience.


Combine your vision with our experience and creativity behind the camera.


We can handle every phase of the production from location scouting to finding on-screen talent to craft services. Whatever you don’t want to do, we’d love to do!

Set Design / Staging

Whether it’s in our studio or on-location, we can provide the necessary equipment and lighting that will make your video stand out. From simple white background shoots to elaborate sets, we can bring to life any idea you throw at us.

4K / HD Videography

Customers associate high quality videos with high quality products and vice versa. We pride ourselves on staying up to date on the latest technology and will always provide you with the highest quality production possible.

Cast / Crew

If you need a single cameraman or an entire production crew, we’ve got you covered!

Types of Videos:

Product or service videos are a great way to grab your customer’s attention for the first time or to visually explain to them the value you bring to the table once you know they are interested!

Whether it’s internal training for your employees or an instructional guide for your client on how to use/maintain your product or service, video can be an extremely powerful tool to efficiently keep your business moving forward.

The easiest way to sell your product or service is to let people hear about it directly from your customers. Testimonial videos are a great way to show the real value you bring to people who trust you with their investment!

Videos can be a great way to learn or teach how to do something online, while at the same time dramatically improving the efficiency of your business! If you are consistently answering the same question about your product or service, why not put the answer in video form?

Consumers today, more than ever, base their purchasing decisions on whether a brand’s social responsibility or sustainability aligns with their own values and beliefs. Show that your company cares about more than just your bottom line through impactful marketing or brand videos.

Today, selling is all about storytelling, so whether it’s an About Us or product introduction, your business needs to utilize video to meaningfully engage your audience the second they enter your website!

A corporate event video is a great way for your organization to reach a larger audience or to allow your attendees to relive their experience. Being involved in live event production, we have experienced first hand the lasting impact videos can make across multiple industry events!

A well planned and informative video is an extremely effective addition to your fundraising effort. You know your organization better than anyone, and we are here as a partner to capture the true heart and mission to help raise awareness for your cause!

Our 3 Phase Video Production Process:

1. Strategize

Arguably the most important step in the process, pre-production is where we discuss your video expectations, determine your audience, and create a plan for producing an effective video within budget!

2. Implement

This is where all your hard work and planning pays off! The location, equipment, and film crew are all in place and ready to bring your amazing video content to life. Let’s get rolling. Action!

3. Refine

Once the filming is done, we hand it over to one of our talented in-house editors to add the magic and final touches to your video. We aren’t happy until the video is exactly how you want it!

Is investing in video worth the cost?! We know it is, but don’t just take our word for it!

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